Lava Rock Grillstones

Cut to fit most barbecues, the unique properties of the Island Grillstone™ allows food to hold its natural flavor, moisture and nutrients, while preventing barbecue flare-ups that cause charring. The ancient techniques of stone grilling are combined with the luxuries of a modern barbecue to create a healthy, even and clean cooking accessory.

The Island Grillstone™ allows you to get the most out of your barbecue. No more food marinades or sauces slipping through the grill. Just a pure, beautiful sear and an island experience you can taste, again and again.

The square grillstone fits on most grills and barbecues. It can cook 50 prawns, or 10 chicken breasts, or 100 asparagus.

The round grillstone is perfect for round charcoal and keg style grills. 14” in diameter, it can hold one 12” pizza, 10 pancakes, or 5 sandwiches.

The rectangular grillstone is ideal for portable, tabletop grills—perfect for the camper or fisher. Measuring 7” x 12”, it can hold 12 sausages, 3 salmon, or 7 kabobs.